Bowen Therapy

The Bowen Technique is a non-intrusive  hands-on therapy performed through light clothing. This is not a massage, the technique involves light movements over precise points,  prompting the body’s innate ability to relieve pain, restriction and imbalance without the need for deep, manipulative or forceful treatment.

The technique was developed as an osteopathic method in the 1950s by Australian Tom Bowen. Training courses in Mr Bowen’s technique were first offered in the late 1980s in Australia and came to the UK in 1993. Bowen practitioners work holistically with their clients and expect to work alongside allopathic health professionals to support optimum health for their clients.

Bowen treatment works well to relieve painful and restricted shoulders, back and neck pain, respiratory conditions, insomnia and headache patterns. Bowen is  widely used for rehabilitating sports injuries.  A series of treatments is especially helpful during pregnancy and for menopause symptoms.

At my own studio I’ve seen that  Bowen has been helpful in supporting the wellbeing of Parkinson’s patients, people with rheumatoid arthritis,  IBS and gut problems, and skin complaints. A Bowen session is particulary relaxing and many of my clients report a deep sense of rest. It’s this state that promotes healing in the body.

I suggest three or four treatments, a positive response is usually experienced by the third session.  There are always exceptions to any rule, and some people will need further or even on-going treatment. I recommend returning for a maintenance treatment, which could be just a single session,  every four to six months.

Some patients choose to come more often, to support  general wellbeing. The treatment itself is not an immediate ‘quick fix’. Our body takes time to adjust to the physical information of the Bowen touch, a month after your first treatment we will recap your symptoms and  assess what physical changes have occured.

Please contact Patricia Issitt at to book for Bowen Therapy.  A treatment is £45, each treatment will lasts between 40 minutes to 1 hour.

Patricia is trained and qualified with The (European) College of Bowen Studies.

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