Patricia Issitt is the owner and Studio Director of The York Pilates Space.

Patricia holds the Pilates Institute Masters Diploma and  trained with Michael King, the original founder of the Pilates Institute.

“The Masters Diploma involved examinations in Anatomy and Physiology; Teaching Matwork from beginners to advanced including postural and movement analysis;  Personal Training (examined by presentation of 6 case studies );  Studio Apparatus (examined by presentation of 3 case studies).”

Patricia gained certification in teaching Remedial (clinical) Pilates involving 48 hours of contact time and teaching observation,and the presentation of 2 case studies of clients with clinical needs. The Pilates Institute course was led by Sandra Noonan and Amanda Howard (Physiotherapist practitioners/lecturers at St Thomas’ Hospital, London).

With a background of 30 years in the fitness industry, first as an ‘exercise to music’ and gym instructor working in gyms and leisure centres, and then as an instructor trainer for The City of York Council, after completing her training with Michael King in 2001 she established The York Pilates Space in 2004.

Patricia is qualified to teach personal training clients and remedial Pilates for medical referrals, group matwork and equipment classes to advanced level. She is a teacher trainer for MK Studios ‘Pilates Studio Diploma’ and also holds the ‘Thoughtful Body’ post graduate teachers certificate in Teaching Pre and Post Natal Pilates. besides being a qualified Bowen therapist. Now for a bit of name dropping:

“I am committed to developing my own understanding and practise of this wonderful method of thoughtful movement. At York Pilates Space we have hosted training workshops with Michael King, Malcolm Muirhead, Rebecca Leone, Liz Koch and Kirk James Smith. Over the past  years I’ve worked with Nuala Coombs at La Lofte in St Tropez, Gordon Thompson at his studio in Kensington and I’ve participated in training workshops with PMA teachers Rebecca Leone from Seattle, the late Julian Littlewood from LA and Alan Herdman from London.  Attending the Balanced Body conventions in London, I’ve studied with Lolita San Miguel, Madeleine Black, Brent Anderson and Blossom Leilani.  I’ve attended to four summer schools at the medical school of St Andrews University, Scotland, studying human anatomy and dissection with Gil Hedley and Julian Baker besides being a delegate at the International Fascia Symposium in Birmingham.”

Patricia Is cuurently studying at the University of Central Lancashire towards an M.A in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing: connections to the the living body.

  Rachel Bank trained with Michael King’s Pilates Institute and has also gained the Central YMCA level 3 Pilates certification. She is qualified to teach matwork classes at all levels, as well as studio equipment. Rachel has been a Pilates practitioner for more than 18 years spending 11 years in classes with Patricia, and she has been teaching Pilates for 10 years. Rachel has attended training workshops with Rachel Rafiefar, Kirk James Smith, Rebecca Leone, Alan Herdman, Nuala Coombes, Michael King and Malcolm Muirhead and finds time  to be Mum to Charlie and Thomas. Rachel takes continuing education seriously and attends apparatus classes each week for her own personal development. She has also completed her studio training with MK Pilates. Well done that woman, what a great advert for Pilates!

Georgia Issitt  teaches Matwork classes and 1-1s throughout the week at York Pilates Space. She has been practicing Pilates for 10 years and began teaching in 2015. Besides a degree in Art History, Georgia  holds a Level 3 qualification in Advanced Personal Training with the YMCA and has the MK Pilates certification to teach Pilates for post natal and mature clients. Like all of us at York Pilates Space, Georgia takes continual professional development seriously. She has taken workshops with Brent Anderson, Alan Herdman, Nuala Coombes  and Malcolm Muirhead to name a few. Georgia is a qualified Reformer teacher and  is currently completing her Pilates Apparatus Diploma with MK Pilates.

“The practise of Pilates is an ongoing  journey where the more I learn the more I realise there is more to learn! My mission is to keep on growing my understanding and to share that with my clients at The York Pilates Space”