Teacher Training


  • Do you love Pilates and want to teach? At York Pilates Space you can train to be a Pilates Mat teacher, a Pilates Reformer Teacher, and then continue studying to  gain the  full  teaching  Diploma for the complete studio repertoire on Cadillac, Wunda chair and Barrels. Students from other schools are welcome. Get in touch if you want to update or add to your skills.
  • Gain an internationally recognised qualification with  world renowned MK Pilates International.
  • Study at York Pilates Space, with Master Trainer and assessor Patricia Issitt, 28 years experience in the Fitness industry, 18 years as a Pilates Instructor and an industry trainer and assessor since 1998.
  • Be taught effectively with a limited number of no more than 4 students on each course.
  • At York Pilates Space we specialise in custom fitting our courses, if you need to miss study days, we will work to find an alternative for you.
  •  York Pilates Space offers the opportunity for extra tutorials, and teaching practice, with lots of friendly advice, you will develop your new skills in a professional studio, teaching real clients, with a supportive atmosphere.

What is the Michael King method of teaching Pilates?

Besides learning the original goals and traditional exercises of Joseph Pilates’ work, the  Michael King method  draws on up to date  physiological research and applies it to the Pilates technique.   MK have been delivering Pilates teacher training since 1995. Our courses were among the very first in the UK and became the basis for the OCR UK Pilates Mat Teacher qualification. MK has now taken the Pilates Teacher Diploma to new levels. The name of Michael King is recognised around the world and we provide an internationally recognised qualification which greatly exceeds the current basic UK level 3 standards. We specialise in enabling the  participants in our classes to achieve great results from Pilates.

Click the link to http://www.mkpilates.com/en/training/matwork/matwork-standard-diploma to learn more about becoming a Pilates Mat teacher.

Matwork Teacher Certificate  Diary

The Matwork Certificate gives you 96 hours of face to face tutor time. Home study hours will be 25 hours minimum, depending on the individual and not including personal practice. You are able to complete the home assignments at your own pace, in your own time. Patricia is on hand to help if you need it. We expect that you will take a further 3 months to fully complete the assignments and be confident to teach your exam class, but that can very according to your commitments. Some students take  longer, it depends on you and your own learning style. Group teaching practice is arranged ad hoc, whenever you or the tutor feel the time is right.

On the course you  will learn how to adapt and modify the traditional classical exercises to  ‘best fit’ the needs of the individual client or class participants. MK classes have a typical ‘flow’ which our clients love , making the class feel like a smooth transition from one exercise to the next.

Matwork Stage 1: March 23rd/24th 2019 and May 11th/12th 2019

Matwork Stage 2: June 15th/16th and July 27th/28th

Matwork Stage 3: August 31st/September 1st and a September weekend to be confirmed.

Instalment plan: Pay £500 to book  a month before the start of the course, followed by 8 monthly instalments of £200. Full price is £2100.

Contact patricia.issitt@mkpilates.com to find out more, and to book your place. Places are limited, please don’t wait if you want that place.

Equipment Teacher Diploma Diary

Click the link to find out more about the content of our courses http://www.mkpilates.com/en/training/equipment/studio-equipment-diploma

Reformer dates to be announced for autumn 2019

Cadillac: January 5th and 6th; February 16th and 17th 2019.

Spine Corrector April 14th 2019. Wunda Chair April 28th 2019.  Ladder Barrel May 25th.

Early bird price for the complete Equipment Teacher Diploma is £2500.

Instalment plan for the  complete Equipment Diploma: Pay £500 to book your place a month before the  course starts, followed by 10 monthly payments of £220. Full price if paid by instalments is £2700.

Or if you’d like to take the modules seperately, the prices are…..

Reformer Teacher certificate Stage 1 and 2:  £1440 to be paid in full before beginning of course. (for the fee, you’ll have 8  tutor days and  assessments ).

Cadillac Teacher Certificate: £720 (for the fee, you’ll have 4 tutor days, including assessments)

Day workshops for chair, ladder barrel and spine corrector: £180 per day 8 hour day.  You’ll get a manual and certificate of attendance.


Contact Patricia Issitt for booking and payments

Contact patricia.issitt@mkpilates.com to book your place.