Pilates for Pregnancy and Post Natal

What would you like for yourself during your pregnancy and then after baby is born? An exhausting workout that leaves you aching all over and promises a quick fix…? We won’t give you that at York Pilates Space!

Pilates is a way of exercising that allows you to take time, learn about your body and how to nourish it with movement, a system which you can learn and take away with you for life. Pilates is effective on your body from your very first class, Patricia takes time to make sure you understand why and how to do the exercises that will get your body back into shape.

Some women sail through pregnancy and have a wonderful experience, for others it’s more of a bumpy ride. After 4 pregnancies, I can empathise! Believe me, this works and I can help you to make it work for you too.

Patricia holds the post graduate certificate in Pilates for Pregnancy and Post Natal from ‘The Thoughtful Body’, taught by Rachel Rafiefar, founding memeber of Pilates Foundation.

Personal training classes are recommended for mums to be to learn how to do Pilates for yourself, in your own time at home.

Pilates will get your body and mind back after your baby is born. Ask about joining a class or maybe arrange for a series of private lessons as a post baby treat.