Movement and fluidity, keep it flowing.


The body always strives for homeostasis. In other words the body is constantly adjusting itself to ensure cells have enough oxygen, or the gut is functioning as it should, or that we can balance upright and don’t fall over and. Of course, sometimes in life we encounter difficulties in these areas, things go wrong, but the body always attempts to correct itself or find a way around the problem. Our body is a fluid system and within the outside layer of our skin we are squelchy and squidgy fluid beings.
At a primary level, our diaphragm is continually rising and falling, our breath bringing oxygen into the body as we breathe in and expelling carbon dioxide as we breathe out. Our heart is continually beating to spin blood through vessels in a centrifugal motion, arteries taking oxygen laden blood to all the cells in the body, veins returning carbon dioxide loaded blood to the lungs to be expelled. All this activity is going on in our bodies without our intervention, it happens without our knowing it. The enteric system of the gut, the lymphatic system and the endocrine system of hormones, all are regulating the homeostasis, the balance of the body, at all times whether we know it or not. We could say that the body has it’s own intelligence, and it is a fluid intelligence. Think of how a river flows: around obstacles, carving out banks, carrying debris which sometimes becomes congested in crooks and bends in the system. Observing the flow of a body of water can give us an insight into the movement of fluid in our bodies. Consider that all our cells are jostling with each other, floating in fluid, the interstitial fluid which supports the cellularity of our body. We tend to think of ourselves as solid, it’s strange to think that we are around 75% water! It makes sense that the body is designed to move and it is movement that keeps us alive.