York Pilates Space: what they are saying!

Clients at York Pilates Space always say such good things about Pilates. here are a few of them…

Sue Bos¬† said: ” Pilates has made a huge difference to me – my back is stronger and more reliable. I am amazed at what I can now do after years of back problems”

Bernie Cullen said: ” Thank you for being so dedicated to your work, it has made such a difference to my life “

Trudi Bailey¬† said:” Following abdominal surgery and rehab on a long term knee condition, I joined a Pilates class to try to put my body, especially my core strength, back together. Three years later, the last 2 of which have been with Patricia at York Plates Space, I am far stronger and more flexible than I have ever been. My posture is much straighter and I am more conscious of how I sit – at the desk, in the car and when relaxing. You can apply the principles in everything you do – I employ the techniques when swimming, cycling, walking, even when standing in a queue. It’s surprising how a small adjustment in how you align your head, or hold your shoulders can impact on your height and posture. My whole body has toned up, but without creating bulging unsightly muscles. Pilates is great for your posture, your figure, your inner and outer strength. And it’s fun! “

Margot Beaumont said: ” the biggest THANK YOU for being the best teacher – so kind and patient….(pilates) has changed my life so much. “

What has learning Pilates done for your life? Let me know!