Barre Classes at York Pilates Space

We are proud to be the only studio in York to bring you the Michael King Barre class. On Saturday mornings Georgia Issitt ramps up the fun with her Barre class at 10.45. Our MK Barre class is a dance based exercise to music class (choreography you can follow!!) using the traditional ballet barre for assistance. You will have a steady paced workout out and a great  stretch too.

We reckon if you are going to do a dance based workout, you need a dance trained teacher.

Here at York Pilates Space our teachers are all intensively trained through MK Pilates International, and that’s a lot of specialist training. Georgia has 12 years of dance school training under her belt, besides being a MK Pilates Teacher and a YMCA level 3 personal trainer. She’ll make sure you are having a good time and improving your technique too.

If you haven’t tried Barre before , get in touch to save a place.It’s pay per class.